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How Education Philanthropies are Responding to the Workforce Crisis
As the reality of the coronavirus pandemic took hold in communities across the nation, philanthropies focused on the intersection of education and economic mobility, have acted with speed and intentionality to not only ensure the continuity of critical services and programs – but set the stage for systemic impact and reform. Some launched new initiatives, while others revamped their strategies in response to new pressures and priorities.

Hear first-hand from three funders who have been on the front lines over the last five months - and have a history of investing in higher education and workforce development. What were some of the most critical needs to emerge in the first weeks of the pandemic? How have communities leveraged philanthropic funding to provide continued services to learners and workers? What impact has been seen to date? And, what does the future hold for additional philanthropic investment in the months – and even years – to come as communities recover?


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